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Tabata is a High Intensity Interval Training method that's a fantastic endurance builder. The idea is pretty simple: Brief, all-out exercise; recover; repeat.

The exercises can be almost anything. What's important is to have a well-rounded routine and go all-out, then rest.

Podrunner's Tabata mixes provide a musical framework, with cues telling you when to start, when to rest, and where you are in the workout. You choose the exercises you want. Don't feel you have to move to the music tempo. Just vary the intensity!

Here are suggestions for Tabata exercises. It's easy to google more.

Workout full-on for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, and repeat for 8 rounds. Do four 8-round sets, and you're done!



Cutting-edge research shows that this High Intensity Interval Training workout equals the conditioning provided by 45 minutes of moderate exercise. [140 Beats Per Minute]


2-Minute Warmup
20-Second Sprint
2-Minute Recovery
20-Second Sprint
2-Minute Recovery
20-Second Sprint
3-Minute Cooldown

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